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Our skirting is specced by the largest package

delivery fleet and trailer O.E.M's in the U.S

Brush Solutions Inc. offers the SAFE SIDE Anti-Spray Skirt, designed to reduce the hazardous vision-limiting effect of water side-spray from truck/trailer wheels driving on wet surfaces.

Anti-Spray Skirting for Trucks or Trailers



Our anti-spray skirting redirects and suppresses side water spray thereby improving the driver's side mirror vision as well as reducing the dangerous blinding effect of water spray on passing motorists.


Spray reduction also helps to keep equipment and truck signage cleaner.


SAFE SIDE™ is made of durable polypropylene filament material held together by a crimped aircraft grade aluminum banding.


Aluminum mounting channels make installation and replacement easy. The low cost makes economical to equip your entire fleet.